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实现你的工商管理硕士在一个灵活的, well-regarded Christian 程序 that complements the busy life of today’s working professional



Geneva’s 工商管理硕士 is offered as a traditional 工商管理硕士 or with the choice of three concentrations: 金融, 市场营销, 及营运管理, giving you ample opportunities to succeed in a constantly evolving job market.

Our 程序 is designed for the working professional, and with classes offered both online and on campus, you have the added flexibility to complete your 工商管理硕士 part-time in just over a year taking two classes per term. With an 工商管理硕士 degree from bwin体育大学, you benefit from small class sizes filled with supportive fellow students, 引人入胜的商业课程, and experienced faculty equipped with a wealth of professional experience.

Become an experienced business professional with an 工商管理硕士 at Geneva

工商管理硕士 Program Concentrations

bwin体育大学 offers students three 工商管理硕士 concentrations that meet ACBSP标准. The traditional 工商管理硕士 and the finance concentration at bwin体育大学 consist of 36 credit hours of instruction from involved faculty with real-world experience. Concentrations in 市场营销, and operations are 39 credit hours each. The 程序 can be completed in 12 months when taking 2-3 classes per term. All 程序s include 30 credit hours of core instruction, in addition to electives and concentration courses.These concentrations equip students with the tools they need to succeed in any business environment.

Students who do not choose a concentration can earn a traditional 工商管理硕士, which offers a combination of courses across the three 工商管理硕士 concentrations.






The 工商管理硕士 程序s at bwin体育大学 are nationally accredited by the Accreditation Council for 业务 Schools and Programs (ACBSP).

To learn more about the bwin体育大学 工商管理硕士 程序, fill out the form on this page featured below or email us at


卓越的管理需要人—— 用他们的价值观、信仰和天赋 -考虑到." Christen阿德尔 JD, 工商管理硕士, Program Director

工商管理硕士 Program 概述

Geneva’s 工商管理硕士 degree 程序 prepares students for the continuously developing field of business by providing them with business fundamentals and specialized knowledge that outlast the competition. Courses span a rigorous curriculum that includes 企业融资, 市场营销, 业务策略, 人力资源, 管理, 和经济学.

bwin体育提供了一个 必修核心课程时间表 for students seeking more information about the 工商管理硕士 程序.


传统的工商管理硕士, 包括36个学分, is suited for students who may not wish to specialize in a singular field but still want exposure to the topics covered in the three concentrations. 此外, 传统的工商管理硕士 allows students to take some of their courses online, which allows working students the opportunity to earn their degree on their own time.


The 金融 concentration introduces the fundamentals of financial 管理, 企业融资, 衍生证券, 实物资产的估值, 资本支出, and financial and managerial accounting. This concentration requires a total of 36 credit hours.


bwin体育的营销重点, 总共需要42个学分, prepares students for leadership in 市场营销 roles, with 程序 topics spanning product theory, 促销活动, 商业模式, 以及货物的流动.


The 运营管理 concentration teaches students the essential elements needed for success in the fields of project 管理 and supply chain 管理. Through our 39 credit 运营管理 concentration, students learn how to make ethical decisions in our changing global economy.

工商管理硕士 招生 Requirements

While applications may be submitted year-round, we recommend reviewing the 工商管理硕士入学要求 for further information on applying for the 工商管理硕士 程序.



Students who earn a 工商管理硕士 find career opportunities inside and outside the business sector. Depending on your choice of the 传统的工商管理硕士 or 金融, 市场营销, 运营管理方向, you may find success with jobs working as a 市场营销 manager, 顾问, 会计, 业务运营经理, 人力资源经理, 金融分析师, IT经理, 项目经理, 还有很多其他的. 每个学生的道路都是独一无二的, with many 工商管理硕士 students going on to find roles in the following fields:

  • 会计
  • 业务
  • 咨询
  • 教育
  • 金融
  • 政府
  • 医疗保健
  • 管理
  • 市场营销
  • 非营利组织
  • 技术

Career possibilities with an 工商管理硕士 are endless, with data from the U.S. 劳工统计局 showing that the business and financial occupations field is projected to grow 7% into 2031.


The professors had real life experience working in the business world, they were coming from a Christian viewpoint, and they were going to teach us how to be Christians in the workplace." Melissa D ' angelo, 06级,09级工商管理硕士

有经验的 & 完成教师


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