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Dr. Bradshaw Frey: A 38-Year Legacy

博士图片. Bradshaw Frey: A 38-Year Legacy

Bradshaw Frey, PhD has just completed a 38-year teaching career at bwin体育大学. During his time here he has served both as a staff member and faculty member, teaching in multiple departments. 

When Frey first came to Geneva, Dr. Jack White was the Vice President of Religious Services at the time. Frey served as Dr. White’s assistant, and taught in the bible department. In this role he helped run chapel, student ministry, and a variety of other duties for seven years. When White became President, Frey shifted to become the campus chaplain while continuing to teach part-time in the bible department.  

brad-frey-pic-1.jpgFrom there Frey pursued his PhD in Sociology, and an opportunity for a full-time sociology faculty position became available, 他填满了. Frey went on to teach sociology and served as the chair of the department for five years. During his PhD studies, and his continued research, Frey has focused a lot of his work on race, 学区, and a discipline within the field called new urbanism. During his beginning years at Geneva, Frey became particularly interested in helping students think through how they can have a vibrant Christian engagement in the field, and this is what made Frey feel more and more called to the academic side of higher education. 

How Frey came to discover the field of sociology is unique, and is one he shared with laughter. “I sort of stumbled into the field by accident at an undergraduate student. I thought I was signing up for social work, and about halfway through I asked my teacher when we were going to start doing social work stuff, this is when I found out what I was really studying.” While this seems like a mistake, Frey views it as God’s providence on his life. He continued to pursue a degree in sociology and became engaged in how Christianity integrates with sociology, a field often seen as one of the most secular.  

Not only has Frey studied and taught sociology, but he has been and continues to be an active member in the Beaver Falls community, involved with a variety of projects and organizations, putting into practice the things he teaches. 

“Sociology is a study of institutions, 政府, 学校, 家庭, 社区, things like that. Those things are broken, inviting people to step in and make them better; this is what sociology looks at.” 

举几个例子, Frey has been involved with starting the Community Development Corporation, 禧住房, Milltown Institute, 城市的房子, and has worked with a number of other community leaders and members devoted to serving communities in need. Frey credits many people, such as Wendy Welply, 道格·卡森, Beaver Falls leaders such as the city manager and mayor, and the Beaver Falls 政府 for supporting initiatives that work to make systems better for the good of the people who live there.  

超过38岁, Frey names some of the largest changes and developments as the higher education environment and Geneva’s relationship with Beaver Falls. 

“I can’t remember a time when there has been a better connection with Beaver Falls. Students are increasingly staying in Beaver Falls, and it has been great to see a developing relationship over the years.” 

brad-frey-pic-3.jpgFrey also comments that many 学校 like Geneva in the last 30 years have suffered or even closed because of the shifting higher education environment, but he is thankful to have been at a strong institution during this challenging time in higher education. 

“Even in times of challenge or disagreement, to be in a community of strong, Christian faith has been a great benefit to me and my family. I am really grateful to have spent this time here and to have been in this context for much of my adult life and raise my family here.” 

为了纪念. Frey’s distinguished career and years of service to the College, he has been given the status of emeritus faculty. 


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