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Geneva Welcomes New Undergraduate Faculty Members

Picture of Geneva Welcomes New Undergraduate Faculty Members

Geneva College is proud to welcome four new undergraduate faculty members this year. Each of these professors possesses a wide range of industry expertise and a strong dedication to Geneva College’s mission. 

new-faculty-headshots-1.jpg克雷格•克劳 has joined the business department. His professional experience is quite extensive as he has been in many different roles and worked in sports, 作文, 和教学. He also has won awards for teaching, an award for his issue in the Journal of Sports Administration and Supervision, and an award for Faculty Excellence in Service. 乌鸦说, “The opportunity to more directly apply my Christian faith to my profession is something I look forward to doing.” 

Crow received his B.S. from West State liberty State College, his M.S. from West Virginia University, and his Ed.D. from WVU in 2011 with a dissertation titled, The Outsourcing of Football Stadium Foodservice Operations by National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I Athletic Programs.

new-faculty-headshots-3.jpg艾米丽·马多克斯 has joined the education department. Part of her focus is special education. Emily expresses her enthusiasm and passion by saying, “I am excited to teach preservice teachers how they can glorify God in their role as an educator and how they can reveal God’s truth to their students whether in a private or public school setting.在bwin体育, our professors have a wonderful opportunity to guide students with strong faith values and enable students to make a positive impact in their field or classroom. 

Maddox has her M.Ed in Educational 领导 from Salisbury University and her B.A. in Elementary and Special Education from Geneva College. 她 is currently working on her Ed.D. in Curriculum and Instruction with a specialization in Special Education. Maddox taught in Maryland for about a decade until she moved back to Pittsburgh to raise her boys near her family. 

new-faculty-headshots-2.jpg科迪工作 has joined our chemistry department as an Assistant Professor of Chemistry, along with his wife, 艾米丽工作. 科迪有一个  Ph.D. in Inorganic Chemistry from the University of Notre Dame and his B.S. in chemistry from Grove City College. Cody says what he is looking forward to the most is, “teaching in an environment which is highly committed to the integration of the Christian faith with each of the academic disciplines.” 

One of Work’s many accomplishments is being the first person to make many new compounds and structures of molecules. This includes the exact angles and distance between each of the atoms in the molecule. His favorite part of chemistry to research is synthetic chemistry. He says that he loves the study of science because it is, “a reflection of the wisdom and the glory of God.”

new-faculty-headshots.jpg艾米丽工作 has joined the chemistry department as an Assistant Professor of Chemistry, along with her husband, 科迪工作. 她 has her Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from the University of Notre Dame and her B.S. in Chemistry from Grove City College. 她 has won numerous awards and distinctions in her career, along with a long list of publications. One of her most recent ones is the Jeremiah B. Freeman Award for teaching in Organic Chemistry from Notre Dame. One of her favorite research projects was the development of a new luminescent cholesterol mimic which is a molecule that acts like cholesterol but glows. Emily says that she hopes to be able to support her students and watch them grow in their knowledge of science and their love for the Lord. 她 wants to teach her students the main motivation behind their studies is to glorify God. 



-Elia Glenn '27


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