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Master of Arts in Counseling Fall 2023 Open House

Picture of Master of Arts in Counseling Fall 2023 Open House

On Thursday, October 26, the Master of Arts in Counseling program held its first Fall Open House in Alexander Hall’s Benedum Room.  事件 was open to current mental health practitioners, counseling program alumni, 当前的学生, prospective counseling students, and undergraduate psychology or social services students interested in a career in counseling.

The evening kicked off with a welcome from Master of Arts in Counseling Program Director Dr. 詹姆斯·K. 马特, who introduced keynote speaker Dr. 邓肯•克拉克, a board-certified psychiatrist with the Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic at UPMC.  Dr. Clark is the lead researcher for the Pittsburgh site of the national ten-year Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development Study and spoke about how the study examines a group of participants over a ten-year span focusing on various factors, 比如睡眠, 屏幕时间, and drug use and the effect these factors have on a child’s brain development and eventually their social, 学术, and other successes.

Attendees also had the opportunity to hear from an alumni panel made up of master’s program graduates, which consisted of Assistant Professor 大卫•柯林斯, MA ’15, NCC, LPC, 克里Gragg座椅, MA ’20, NCC, Bennett Minchen, MA ’18, LPC, 托比Shope, MA ’19, NCC, LPC, and 艾米Solman, 1998年毕业于LPC. 博士主持. 马特, panel participants discussed their experiences both in graduate school and in the field of professional counseling. The five shared their insights from their time as students and clinicians and spoke about the challenges they’ve faced as counselors as well as their motivations for success in the profession.  They also took questions from the audience and addressed incorporating their faith when working with clients.   

Students and prospective students were happy to have the opportunity to hear and learn from active professionals. “I was very appreciative of the thought and consideration that were put into the Open House,” 说 Abigail Smarzynski, a current student in the counseling program. “Being new to the counseling program, as well as to bwin体育大学, I was encouraged by the inspirational words of the faculty and their passion for the career.”

Another current student, 梅根·戴维斯, 说, “What a privilege to hear from a keynote speaker and a panel of alumni who have journeyed the path that lies ahead of us. Their courage, humility, and passion for this field shone through the entire evening.”

A prospective student (right) visits with Alex Hoffman (BS, 2020) from Christian Counseling Associates of Western Pennsylvania.Following the question-and-answer session with the alumni panel, attendees visited the vendor networking fair held in Alex’s lobby.  Several local behavioral health agencies, including Gateway Rehab, Christian Counseling Associates of Western Pennsylvania, Carelon, and Pressley Ridge were on-site to connect with students and professionals about internship and full-time job opportunities with their organizations.

The counseling department has plans to make this a semi-annual event, with another tentative open house scheduled for March 14, 2024.

“The professional presentation in the evening’s program is important because it gives students a good understanding of the movement in the field – it really stirs their hunger to learn about the profession,”医生说。. 詹姆斯·K. 马特, program director. “I think the alumni panel discussion went very well – everything they offered was very genuine.  And, of course, our exhibitor partners were great. We always appreciate their support and cooperation.”

事件, which included a complimentary dinner before the professional presentations, was sponsored by Gateway Rehab, a substance abuse facility with in-patient and out-patient offices throughout Western Pennsylvania. 院长Monteleone, Vice President of Training, Coaching and Consulting at Gateway Rehab, also gave a brief presentation about the services Gateway provides and discussed opportunities within the agency.


-Lisa DeNiro, 研究生 Enrollment Counselor


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